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Release Date: 11/12/2020

When London Street Art legend, Remi Rough & Paris based, Boston bred Art Rap creator, Experimental Hip Hop innovator, Mike Ladd combine their cutting edge lyricism and captivating visual art, what ensues is The Dead Can Rap's new art-book. Bizarrely honest, unpredictable, unique and often unorthodox styles meet in a dialogue between two pillars of the international Hip Hop Community, and their comrades in Underground Hip Hop resistance theology. Not only will this artbook serve as intellectual & visual vitamins, but it also fits your pocket, just like all those Rapper's rap books before the rise of iPhone raps emerged.

Submarine Zombie Attack 2:23 $1.29
Annual Report 4:06 $1.29
My Little Pony Ft. Malik Ameer 3:45 $1.29
Influential 3:36 $1.29
Imitations Ft. Open Mike Eagle 4:23 $1.29
Real Shit 4:00 $1.29
The Dead Can Rap 4:35 $1.29
Thirty Two Thou 3:59 $1.29
Bakelite 4:06 $1.29
21st Century 3:24 $1.29
iPhone Raps 4:45 $1.29
Renaissance 3:09 $1.29
God On Opiates Ft. Malik Ameer 4:25 $1.29